Performance Team Pledge – Must be completed

Performance Team Student PLEDGE

  • Performance Team Members Ambiance Dance encourages all students to participate in the Performance Team. However, please first consider that this is a team sport and requires a significant commitment from students and parents.

    At ADC, we believe various performance opportunities, including competitions and community events, are integral to developing children’s performance skills in the dance industry. All students are encouraged to participate in the Performance Team to gain stage experience, work in a team sport situation, develop their sense of belonging, and most importantly, gain confidence from such an experience.

    We DO NOT audition as we believe in inclusivity, not exclusivity, but we have some prerequisites that need to be met, which will be discussed further in this document. We also ask that all Performance Team students sign a student agreement form to ensure they are committed to the team for the year.

    Eligibility requirements for the Performance Team must be met.

    You must participate in all age-appropriate General and Exam classes where required. Please take a look below for clarification.

    * 2024 FOCUS & CHANGES *

    Our Performance Team focus in 2024 will be on learning multiple styles and genres within the scheduled Performance Team class. We will enter competitions, but we will also encourage improvisation techniques and develop their performance skills via the production of the below-mentioned performance nights. This will help build an all-around performance skill set in multiple genres and disciplines. We plan to work on commercial pieces and excerpts from musicals and experience different styles within each dance genre. Age-appropriate work will be done at each class level whilst encouraging other performance avenues like Cabaret nights, own choreography nights, and alternative performance options in age-appropriate venues.

    In 2023, the focus will be on more intensive work on developing an all-around performer, NOT expensive competitions. Soloist and Duo/Trios are still on offer and strongly encouraged.  We have also changed some prerequisites for the Performance Team, so please ensure you read all the information below and understand it clearly. We hope many parents will appreciate the alleviation of some requirements and the ability to reduce their costs in 2024.

    ★ 6yrs/U require the General Jazz & Tap classes. Ballet and exam classes are highly recommended. The 6yrs/U Performance Team do a Jazz routine ONLY.

    ★ 8yrs/U to 16yrs/U require General Jazz & Tap in addition to the relevant graded Exam and Ballet classes. If you are NOT taking ballet, you must participate in the Turns & Leaps Conditioning class to maintain Performance Team conditioning. We generally do 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 years of Performance Teams in various genres. These age groups will perform in Tap, Jazz and Lyrical Troupes. (This depends on the teams’ abilities to learn and master content. Staff will not add more routines if the team are not learning/mastering current content). 16yrs and Open Age/Senior Troupe requirements are at the Directors' discretion. We strongly recommend maintaining ballet and relevant turns and leaps classes, but this depends on the individual's commitments and time restraints. ADC is understanding of the increased demands of academic studies and will work in conjunction with the individual.

    ★ Acro Performance Teams may be on offer in 2024. Due to the specific skill set within these routines, they will be done outside the normal Performance Team time allocation and only open to Acro students who also do a dance class and have the required skills.

    ★ Students can dance up in older age-grouped troupes if invited but MUST dance in their age group first. We are mindful of burnout, so what works for one student may not always be the same for another, and selection is at the staff's discretion.

    ★ All troupe participants MUST take a class in the corresponding subject to be considered for performance team routines. For example, if students want to participate in Jazz or Tap troupes, they must take Jazz & Tap classes. For Tap Troupes 8 years and above, Exam Tap must be taken due to the complexity of routines. The only exception is for Lyrical and contemporary troupes; you can enter these routines styles, but to do so, you must take a ballet class (recreational or exam- it is your choice). To enter Acro troupes, you must take acro classes and a dance class in some genre.

    ★ Performance Team members can only miss up to two Performance Team classes per term and must come to all additional requested rehearsals. If you are unwell, exceptions may apply, but please DO NOT miss these classes for social events that are not a priority.

    ★ To be fair to ALL Performance Team members, students missing from class will be patterned out of the sections worked on during that lesson. Constant lack of attendance, especially in Performance Team classes, stresses the rest of the team. Consequently, you may be asked to withdraw from these classes if constant absences are recorded.

    ★ A Performance Team Fee of $30 will be charged to the Term 1 invoice. This fee will include an Ambiance Performance Team shirt for the year relevant year that MUST be worn to all public events.

    ★ Costumes are required for each routine and worn throughout the year at each performance. Prices of these costumes range from $70 to $150, typically $70 - $80 for the younger age groups. Occasionally, ADC will reuse costumes from previous concerts; these are purchased at discounted rates. Hair, shoes and makeup requirements are similar to the concert showcases.

    Please note: Extra rehearsals may be scheduled on the weekends closer to competition dates to ensure that abolished and routines are to a high standard. This can include Fridays and Sundays. They will be minimal if students practice what is required outside of class. All extra classes and rehearsals are charged for accordingly (reduced class rate) and will be invoiced at the term's end.

    REVIEW all information on the Competition Information TAB on the website relating to both troupe work and Soloist/Duo Trio options and Private Lesson T&Cs.

    By completing this pledge you agree to all Terms & Conditions within the Competition T&C document (link above).

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