Studio Owner /Director

  • Theatrical Full Teachers Diploma C.S.T.D.
  • Tapping Teachers Certificate C.S.T.D.
  • Classical Teachers Certificate C.S.T.D.
  • Progressing Ballet Technique LVL 1 Certified
  • Group Fitness Leader- Fitness Australia Accredited
  • Personal Trainer – AIPT Accredited
  • Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Science – currently studying ECU
  • Pilates Mat Instructor LVL 1 & 2
  • Les Mills Group Fitness Leader / ex National Trainer Presenter
  • Senior First Aid
  • WWC 1394992

I have danced since I was three years old and it was always my goal to be a professional dancer. This dream was fulfilled in many forums and I have been blessed with a vast array of training and performance  accolades. For me being a dancer was the only thing I ever wanted to do! Lucky for me I DID IT!

I am now lucky to be a very proud Studio Owner & Director and maintain that dream for so many more children. I have always been a very self motivated person who has been blessed to have my dreams and visions come to life in Ambiance Dance Company.

I trained at JMDC in Perth and Terry Charlesworth Ballet Institute in a full-time capacity. After graduating Year 12 I was awarded a full scholarship to Hamburg Staats Opera Ballet School in Hamburg Germany and continued my studies in their graduating Theatre Class. I have performed in many stage productions and shows of all genres, classical, contemporary, commercial dance, tap and acrobatics. I am an all rounder that can do any style as that is how we were trained in my day :-).  I am the National State champion for CSTD after winning the Australian title in 1995 and to date am still the only dancer in WA to have been awarded the Norma Atkinson Modern Championship Trophy in Jazz four times. Additionally I have won the CSTD Tap & Classical Championships many times over my years of competing and performing.

Dance has evolved so much in the past few years with a big influence coming through from televised dance shows. At Ambiance Dance I ensure we stay abreast of all new developments in the industry and continue to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. That is one thing I am very passionate about, being a strong role model; talk the talk walk the walk so to speak.

I continued my dance career performing through Japan, Singapore, Europe, Phillipines, Jakarta and Australia and have always had a love for the stage, still performing with my Ambiance Dance Company team when I can. I further developed into a Fitness career and am a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. For over ten years I was in the ELITE Les Mills Asia Pacific Team as a National Trainer/Presenter training many Adults in the art of group fitness instruction. I was blessed to travel through Asia, New Zealand and Australia in this role whilst training many future trainers/instructors and developing fitness skill sets all around the globe. Once I had children and the business continued to develop I had to make a choice as travelling and training every weekend with two young children and a business was not working. My main priority needed to be my dream and vision as a child which is Ambiance Dance. I am still instructing group fitness at various gyms in Perth and training clients from home in the gym but I am also developing the fitness classes and programs we offer at Ambiance Dance. We now offer Yoga, PILATES,  Adult Tap and in 2018 Bootcamp and functional fitness will be introduced.

Ambiance Dance Company was founded in 2005 and has gone from strength strength with each year of operation. Since the end of 2016 we reside in our permanent home in Landsdale. We have built a state of the art facility for our families and students to enjoy whilst they fulfil their passion in dance and fitness. The business is a family based business and very much run with a hands on approach by me and my whole family. We are an award winning studio with fully qualified staff (who you will find out more about below) but apart from that we are one big happy dance family with an atmosphere like no other dance studio in Perth. At Ambiance Dance you are not just another number but are a part of our dance family. All teachers strive to make sure you achieve your dreams and goals as I did in my career. It is a place of recognition, discipline, hard work and passion. As our logo states we CREATE, EXPRESS & INSPIRE dancers that are confident and successful with drive, passion and strong personalities who fulfil their dreams in both the dance arena or academic professions.

I am blessed to be a Teacher, Choreographer and Mentor to so many students both past and present and take my job very seriously as being a role a model to so many individuals.

Remember never give up, aim high and reach for your dreams, as my mum taught me anything worth having is worth fighting for!

Love Miss T xo