Our Classes

Our Classes

Ambiance Dance nurtures all our students in a safe and fun-filled environment. At Ambiance Dance, we believe that every child is a star! All of our classes are designed for both boys and girls to enjoy.  Ambiance Dance welcomes students of all ages, from Baby Boppers and Tiny Tots to Adults. Students are welcome to enrol in general classes just for fun. For those who want more performance opportunities and a more technical approach, we offer performance team and examination classes, all taken by some of the most experienced and qualified teachers in the dance industry. Please see below for a more detailed description of the dance genres available. We also offer fitness and conditioning classes for children and adults.

For classes offered in the above styles, please refer to the timetable

Ambiance Dance is not just for the children. We also offer exciting classes for the adult dancer. Currently offering Tap, Ballet, Pilates and Fitness classes for adults.

Commonly referred to as Acro, it has similar components to gymnastics and enables students to learn how to cartwheel, handstand, back flip and much more in a class that is fun, energetic and exciting. Acrobatics involves difficult feats of balance, agility and coordination enabling students to build strength, agility and flexibility which will help them in all their dance classes or other sports they wish to participate in. Starting in Acro will help students engage in core stability and will help if they decide to take on other forms of acrobatic styles such as Contortion.

Baby Bop is a fun class to introduce your baby/toddler to the world of movement, music and eventually dance. Baby Bop class covers simple movement exercises as well as discovering musicality. Suitable for 15mth-3yrs.

Tiny Tots Combination classes are more focused on developing a basic understanding of dance concepts in all genres whilst gaining more rhythm and co-ordination through not only dance, but drama and song as well.

Tiny Tumblers,
A new class for 3-5 year olds teaching the basic acro positions, locomotion skills, balance skills, class behaviour and social skills, in a safe, fun and developmentally age appropriate class.

Tutu Cute Ballet,
A new class for 2-5 year olds teaching the basics of ballet. Dance like a fairy princess or a pirate. Using props and imaginative learning. Develop  social skills and a love for ballet, in a safe, fun and developmentally age appropriate class.

At Ambiance Dance, we teach contemporary techniques and classes based around the CSTD Jason Winter’s Contemporary syllabus-This is a world-class and comprehensive contemporary dance syllabus. Its technique and structure is designed in the most classical and academic way and infused with choreographic brilliance used in today’s most commercial settings. To take a contemporary class you must be doing a ballet class as it draws from classical technique.

In 2022, we were fortunate enough to expanding our arts program via the addition of Drama to our syllabus. The students have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we look forward to developing further opportunities in 2023.

This program will encourage and develop students to be fully equipped to pursue a career in performance, whether it be character work, film and television or in the theatre. Drama is an innovative way for students to step out of their comfort zone and be encouraged to reach their fullest potential. It builds confidence and resilience, while boosting creative knowledge and understanding of different styles of Drama. Our program will cover a range of creative tasks such as script work, working on performance for stage, stagecraft and working in front of the camera. We are very lucky to have these opportunities in a readily expanding arts culture in Perth and can’t wait to offer this program to our students!

Ambiance Dance offers Lyrical classes which draw from a range of techniques from Ballet and Contemporary. Lyrical dance allows students to show expression and emotion through music that is usually soft and slow. It is a style that draws upon strong classical foundations which allows choreography to be shown to a high standard. To take a lyrical class you must be doing a ballet class as it draws from classical technique.

Hip Hop is similar to the dancing on the latest music videos; the classes are fun and set to the latest music trends. Hip Hop is great workout without realising you are exercising and is a perfect place to start if you have never danced before. A usual class begins with a funky warm up, light stretching, finishing with a routine.

Jazz is a great style to introduce children to in dance. Some of the most common and modern forms of jazz styles are Broadway and Commercial Jazz. Jazz incorporates big, exaggerated movements as well as strong, sharp style. Jazz is a great style for all ages and teaches strong technique and discipline. You’re never too young or old to learn to wiggle those hips!

Twinkle those toes and let’s make some noise. Tap teaches students how to move and tap with rhythm so it becomes a melody as opposed to just noise and learn how to also complement the music and match the rhythms. Common tap steps include the shuffle, time steps, slap up’s, and wing’s. Also, mums and dads, see our Adult Tap class on the timetable, you can’t let the kids have all the fun.

In this class, students will develop confidence in a variety of disciplines including drama, singing and dance whilst working to develop skills as a triple threat. They will spend time learning about musicals and how they vary in styles of singing and dance. Children should partake in this genre as it is a fantastic opportunity to learn stage craft, performance skills and will aid in producing a well rounded performer.

C.S.T.D Jazz, Tap, Classical, Contemporary Exams

Classes marked with (E) on the timetables

Exams are a great avenue for those students who aim towards a career in the world of dance. Exams are not compulsory but encouraged as it gives students something to strive towards and benefit from the reward of achieving a high level of dance. Whilst students can benefit from participating in the exam preparation, only those students considered ready by their teachers will be entered to avoid disappointment if unsuccessful. Ambiance Dance offers CSTD exams within Jazz, Tap, Classical and Contemporary Syllabi, which guide students from basic exercises, and routines to advanced performance and teaching skills.

Classes marked with (C) on the timetables

Performance Team classes are designed for performance routines or competition purposes. They are not classes to teach technical steps of dance, but to put together routines using steps already known. All Performance Team participants must be taking a class in the corresponding subject to be considered for these performance opportunities.  We encourage all students to participate in the Performance Team, to gain stage experience, work in a team sport environment and most of all gain the confidence that comes from such an experience.

Please review the Performance Team tab on the Notice Board for further guidelines relating to Performance Team opportunities.

Ambiance Dance offers private lesson classes for students wishing to excel their technique via individual coaching or those wishing to participate in solos or duos/trios in competitions.

Please review the Performance Team tab on the Notice Board for further guidelines relating to Performance opportunities for Soloist’s, Duo/trio performers.