Yes, we offer trial classes with no future obligations involved. Please click on the trial registration form, under sign up now. Ambiance Dance has no doubt your child will absolutely love their time in the studio and will want to enrol.

There is a non-refundable Annual Registration Fee of $49.00 per family that must be paid at the time of enrolment to cover administration costs, intellectual property fees for music & insurance. This fee is added to the first enrolled term that you as a family are enrolled in. All subsequent terms remain as term fees only.

Exams are a great avenue for those students wanting to learn the technical attributes of dance and fine tune their abilities in the chosen dance genre. Those aiming towards a career in the world of dance, either a teaching or performing capacity will strongly benefit from completing all exam levels inclusive of Teachers Certification.

Exams are not compulsory but certainly encouraged as it gives students something to strive towards and benefit from the reward of achieving a high level of dance. Whilst students can benefit from participating in the exam preparation, only those students considered ready by their teachers will be entered to avoid disappointment if unsuccessful. All successful exam candidates will receive exam medals or plaques, certificates, and reports. Comdance exams are scheduled for August/September.

Students undergoing Year 11 or 12 can put their Comdance exam results towards their WACE Certifications. This enables them the freedom to maintain their dance schedule through years 11 & 12 confident in the knowledge they are enhancing their WACE achievements.

Additionally, VET programs are now facilitated in line with Comdance examina-ons. Students can attain Certificates II, III and IV in dance performance, Certificate III in Assistant Teaching and Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management. The academic course is at an additional cost, but they are aligned with relevant Comdance practical grade examinations. This is done in conjunction with a registered training organisation.

Comdance offers the Modern Jazz (MJ), Tap, Contemporary, Theatrical Performing Arts (TPA), Classical Syllabi, and Ballroom options which guide students from basic exercises and routines to advanced performance and teaching skills.

Every student at Ambiance Dance is invited to be a part of our annual showcase. Currently, ADC does not do a mid-year concert; however, in 2024,  ADC is looking to develop our students’ performance opportunities and skills via cabaret nights, choreography nights, and further community performances.

ADC is also pursuing an opportunity to produce a junior musical in 2024, open to ADC and external students. This is an excellent performance opportunity & provides an opportunity for students to be a part of a full-scale production, giving students stage experience whilst allowing families & friends to watch their students perform.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to CONTACT US.

All students at Ambiance Dance are required to wear correct dance attire & display impeccable grooming in all classes. Ambiance Dance uniform shop sells all the appropriate shoes and clothing required for our classes (except new tap shoes). We also have a fully stocked 2nd hand cupboard.

We cannot stress the importance of the correct attire throughout all classes as we feel it empowers students & promotes a sense of pride and team spirit. All competition and exam students must have the studio jacket which must be worn at to all events. Exam students must have the correct exam leotard and these must be worn in exam classes. There is no need to buy numerous amounts of expensive dance clothes from elsewhere as we stock all the uniform requirements and this is what must be worn to most classes.

Uniform & footwear requirements are detailed in class attire button on the merchandise tab.