Exam Class Pledge – Must Complete

Exam Student PLEDGE

  • Eligibility to sit exams

    ★ Students must attend all exam classes and extra rehearsals to ensure they are exam-ready. Whilst an understanding is given for sickness or school events, the students must catch up on any work delivered if classes are missed.

    ★ If your exam grade requires two ballet classes, you must attend BOTH classes to ensure exam readiness and eligibility to sit that ballet exam level.

    ★ Grade 5 Ballet students require a character skirt and character shoes for their exam. Character skirts can be hired through the studio; however, you must supply your shoes. Please check the 2nd hand shoes for stock or go to Sequin City to purchase.

    ★ Major Ballet students (Sub Elementary - Premier) require Demi-Pointes and point shoes for their exams and classes, which must be purchased before class commencement.

    ★ Grade 5's will commence pre-point work and may require point shoes if deemed ready for point. Each student is assessed individually, and readiness is determined by the individual's foot/ankle strength.

    ★ Certain levels require theory, and students must learn the theoretical components of the exam to ensure they achieve their best result. Additionally, this gives a greater understanding of dance technique.

    ★ Practise may be required outside class time for higher levels requiring choreographic elements.

    ★ ADC highly recommend using the online learning platform for all grades to review work before class, as this will assist in memory retention and better application of corrections.

    ★ Exam grades can not be skipped without the Director's approval. Specific grades and genres have prerequisites, which can be explained upon application.

    ★ Exam attire MUST be worn at EVERY exam class.

    ★ Hair MUST be worn in a Bun to ALL exam classes in ALL genres

    ★ All exam students need the required shoes for each genre.

    ★ Exams Fees are due in Term 2, and payment is required to ensure students enter their exams.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY