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Employment Contract for Casual, Part-Time or Sub-Contractors To be completed before commencement of teaching any service at Ambiance Dance Company Pty. Ltd.

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Ambiance Dance Company Pty Ltd | ABN :52 650 693 271 | Unit 1/58 Christable Way, Landsdale, WA, 6065
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I am delighted to offer you the position of (select below radio button) _______________________________ at Ambiance Dance Company Pty Ltd. We hope you enjoy your employment with us.
The following will outline your rights and responsibilities. It is designed to provide you with clarification. Please feel free to ask any questions if anything is unclear to you. Please complete the following information, sign and date it and return it at least 14 days before you commence employment. This employment agreement is between the above individual and Ambiance Dance Company PTY LTD (52 650 693 271). For good consideration, Ambiance Dance Company employs you on the following terms and conditions.
Type of employment
Level 1- 7 Director approval- pending qualifications
Refer to MA000094 (FItness) or MA000002 (Clerk)

You will be paid fortnightly within 7 days of your last working day the previous week, provided your timesheet has been completed and submitted correctly and on time (before Monday of the following week). Payments will be made into your nominated bank account as provided on the Payroll Information Cover Sheet.


You will be required to:

(a) perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times;

(b) use your best endeavours to promote and protect the interests of the employer;

(c) follow all reasonable and lawful directions given to you by the employer, including complying with information in this Contract Agreement in addition to any policies and procedures as amended from time to time;

(d) conduct yourself in a professional and mature manner at all times;

(e) maintain a strictly professional relationship with your students at all times;

(f) maintain your WWCC card and inform Ambiance Dance Company of any changes;

(g) keep the details of your employment strictly private and confidential;

(h) maintain and keep records of your class plans;

(i) plan any teaching classes in advance and be prepared for classes;

(j) work outside of rostered hours from time to time;

(k) maintain your training with professional development from time to time;

(l) hold the relevant qualifications and/or experience for your job role and responsibilities.

(m) ADC staff and volunteers will abide by current government mandates relating to COVID-19 safety measures or any other government mandates.


Ambiance Dance Company holds classes based on the normal public school term for Western Australian Government Schools, and staff are expected to attend each rostered shift so as not to disturb their students’ learning.

Part-Time & Full-Time Employees: Holidays are to be taken over the normal school holiday breaks (usually approx 12 weeks per year). If an employee wishes to apply for holidays during the normal school term, this will be without pay and must be applied in writing at least one full month in advance. Employees under this category are eligible for paid sick/carers leave based on their specific agreement and legislation.

Casual Employees: Paid holiday leave does not apply to Casual Staff; however, changes to their working roster can be applied in writing with a minimum of 1 month’s notice from the date of absence. Casual Employees are eligible for unpaid sick/carers leave only.
Note: In the case of sickness, teachers and staff are encouraged to stay home if their illness may result in other staff or students becoming sick. We encourage all teachers to have a ‘backup’ teacher on call in case of an emergency, like sick days, to prevent unnecessary class disruptions; however, our Private Facebook Messenger group is the best place to contact other staff members to have your rostered shift covered. You will need to provide a class plan and music if a sick day is in the lead-up to any performances or shows, and it is advised to keep your class plans up to date if you require time off.


The Period of Notice required from you to terminate employment with the Company is one school term (approximately 10 weeks), and, with the exception below, the Company will provide the same period to terminate your employment (within the limitations of the Award Agreement). Notice must be given in writing. Your employment may be terminated by the Company with no notice period if you commit a serious or persistent breach of this agreement or you are guilty of any serious misconduct or wilful neglect in performing your duties.


You shall not, except in the proper course of your duties during the continuance of your employment or after its termination, disclose to any other person, firm or company or make use of, for your own benefit, any secret or confidential information relating to Ambiance Dance Company, or any class or student photo’s, videos or any other confidential information of Ambiance Dance Company or any such associated company or client which shall come to your knowledge during your employment or otherwise. Upon termination of your employment, you will promptly deliver up to Ambiance Dance Company or its authorised representative all property, for example, documents, records, photos and/or videos which may be in your possession or under your control and which relate in any way to the business, students or clients of Ambiance Dance and no copies of such or any part shall be retained by you. Any exception to this requirement will be by prior agreement with the Director at Ambiance Dance Company.


While your employment with Ambiance Dance Company continues, you must disclose to the Director any potential conflicts of interest, including concurrent employment outside of Ambiance Dance Company, which may impact either Ambiance Dance Company’s performance or personal performance.
It is a condition of your employment with Ambiance Dance Company that for the period of 12 months following the termination of your employment, you will not personally or through an agent or on behalf of or for any other person, firm or company, canvass or solicit any business from or with any person or company who has during your employment been a client or prospective client of Ambiance Dance Company, where such business would be in competition with the business of Ambiance Dance Company. For a period of 12 months following the termination of your employment with Ambiance Dance Company, you will not employ any person who was employed by Ambiance Dance Company whilst you were an employee. For a period of 2 years after termination, you will not commence your own brand of Dance, Performance or Music school, where this would be in direct competition with Ambiance Dance Company within a 10km radius of Ambiance Dance Company.



All teachers employed at Ambiance Dance Company must have relevant training in their chosen specialty. They must have advanced knowledge in dance and use safe dance practices in all classes. Teachers must demonstrate and strive for good technique from their students and use positive encouragement to help the students become better performers. Teachers encourage, not push and are mindful to be inclusive and accepting of all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities.


All admin assistants must demonstrate a professional manner at all times. Admin staff must have good phone skills, time management skills and excellent customer service skills. Prior experience with XERO and DanceBiz is preferred, however on the job training will also be provided. A good knowledge of dance styles is a must and if no previous knowledge of dance is shown, admin staff must be willing to learn and be confident to talk about all things dance related!


Teachers must demonstrate safe dance practices at all times while conducting classes. These include:

– Encourage and promote physical health like good nutrition, sleep etc.

– Encourage and promote emotional well-being, for example, by being aware of other challenges in the students’ lives like school, puberty, or family.

– Provide a balanced approach to training including encouraging students to rest or take a class that compliments their training like yoga, Pilates, etc.

– Encourage students to take responsibility for their own training by understanding their own personal limitations and challenges.

– Maintain ongoing training where appropriate through Professional Development Courses relevant to their work role and responsibilities.


The Working with Children Check (WWC Check) is a comprehensive criminal record check for certain people in child-related work in Western Australia. The WWC Check aims to increase the safety of children in our community by helping to prevent people who have a criminal history that indicates they may harm children from working with children. All teachers and staff at Ambiance Dance Company must have a valid Working With Children Check BEFORE conducting any classes & you must declare your WWCC No# to Ambiance Dance Company before any work commences. This includes relief teachers. All Staff who hold a WWCC must abide to the responsibilities of this Card.


It is very important that all communication between parents and staff is of a professional manner at all times. Teachers are not to communicate with parents during class times as this is too disruptive for students. If parents must be contacted with regard to student behaviour or any issues arising with students in their class, this must be done with the approval of the Director first. All letters of correspondence must be approved by the Director and no parent of the school is allowed to be contacted on a private number, social media or email without the consent of the Director. ALL PARENT/TEACHER CORRESPONDENCE MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE DIRECTOR (except of course in general face to face situations before or after class). Ambiance Dance Company sends regular newsletters to all parents and any information you would like to be included in the newsletter can be sent to the Director in writing. Teachers are not allowed to give their personal information to any parent or student without the consent of the Director. Teachers and staff of Ambiance Dance Company are prohibited to filming or taking photos of their students without the prior consent of the Company Director and photos, videos or any other private information must not be shared through social media, phone or email without prior written consent. Teachers maintain a professional relationship with their students at all times and encourage mature behaviour from their students by leading from example. Teachers are not allowed to accept a friend request on social media OR personally request to be ‘friends’ with or ‘like’ any student or parent at Ambiance Dance Company Social Media without prior written approval.


Ambiance Dance Company prohibits the use, possession, sale, manufacture, and/or distribution of alcohol and illegal/controlled substances and/or drug-related paraphernalia on Company premises or while performing duties for Ambiance Dance Company while away from the main premises and/or during working hours. Ambiance Dance Company has an excellent reputation for providing a safe environment for children and families. Failure to comply with our Drug and Alcohol policy will result in the immediate termination of your contract and, if necessary reported to local authorities.


The studio is a place where students, teachers, staff and families can feel safe at all times and must be respected by its users. Company computers are to be used exclusively for business related to the school and misuse by social media and other sites is prohibited. The stereo’s, music and other internal items must not be misused. Any damage to property will be replaced and paid for by the person responsible for breaking it.


We expect our employees to maintain a certain standard of behaviour when using Social Media for work or personal purposes.This policy applies to all employees, contractors and sub-contractors of Ambiance Dance Company who contribute to or perform duties such as:

– maintaining a profile page for Ambiance Dance Company on any social or business networking site

– making comments on such networking sites for and on behalf of Ambiance Dance Company

– posting comments for and on behalf of Ambiance Dance Company on any public and/or private web-based forums or message boards or other internet sites.

This policy also applies to all employees, contractors and sub-contractors who:

– have an active profile on a social or business networking site

– write or maintain a personal or business’ blog; and/or

– post comments on public and/or private web-based forums or message boards or any other internet sites.

No employee, contractor or sub-contractor of Ambiance Dance Company is to engage in Social Media as a representative or on behalf of Ambiance Dance Company unless they first obtain written approval from the Director. If any employee, contractor or sub-contractor is directed to contribute to or participate in any form of Social Media-related work, they are to act in a professional manner at all times and in the best interests of Ambiance Dance Company, this includes sharing material that violates the privacy or publicity rights of another party. All employees, contractors and sub-contractors of Ambiance Dance Company must also refrain from posting, sending, forwarding or using, in any way, any inappropriate material on their personal social media profiles, including but not limited to material which:

– is intended to (or could possibly) cause insult, offence, intimidation or humiliation to Ambiance Dance Company or its clients, business partners or suppliers;

– is defamatory or could adversely affect the image, reputation, viability or profitability of Ambiance Dance Company or its clients, business partners or suppliers; and/or

– contains any form of Confidential Information relating to Ambiance Dance Company or its clients, business partners or suppliers.

No teacher, sub-contractor or contractor of Ambiance Dance Company is to post photos, video or other media of any student or staff of Ambiance Dance Company (past or present) onto their social media site or webpage without the prior written consent of the Company Director. This is for the safety and privacy of all individuals and to maintain the integrity of the school. Consent is given to post photos, videos or other media of students at formal ADC engagements.


Student teachers will be reviewed by their senior teacher and will report progress to the Director. Student teachers will strive to gain independence in their classes while maintaining respect of the learning decisions made by the senior teacher. The aim is for student teachers to progress to becoming a senior teacher and taking the responsibility of their own classes in the future.

Senior teachers will have their performance reviewed at the discretion of the Director. Senior teachers must work at all times to help improve their students technique and understanding of dance and performance. They must be nurturing and understanding at all times and encourage their students to work hard and continue to improve. Teachers need to maintain their class attendance on a per term basis and any class which attendance drops due to the performance of the senior teacher will be reviewed immediately. I have read and agree to the policies and procedures set out by Ambiance Dance Company

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